This platform exists to promote discussion and enable us to help each other.

The vision is for ‘talk-mobility’ to bring our community together to share and support one another and to act as an umbrella platform feeding from and to websites provided by industry bodies and private sector organisations.

The idea for an online collaborative platform for the highways and ITS industry is a concept developed by myself, Helen Blood, along with an associate, James Pryce, who’s expertise lies in digital platforms. I had been the idea developing in my head and discussing with my team when I was working in-house. Going self-employed gave me the opportunity to put my plans into play.

The Why

  • A multitude of organisations are providing a lot of information across several platforms which often creates too much ‘noise’ to quickly filter in limited available time.
  • Skills and resources continue to diminish whilst the next generation also expects online availability of information and the ability to have multi-way communication with industry colleagues and experts.
  • No ‘single source’ of information or knowledge exchange is current available to ensure the industry benefits from the resources, technology and innovation currently available.
  • As an industry we need to have a simple and dedicated solution for sharing information, best practice and challenges to deliver effective transport network management today and in the future.

The Potential

  • To provide a communication and information platform dedicated to the Highways/ITS community that further enables knowledge transfer, sharing of best practice and skillsets across the industry.
  • Encourage industry engagement at the right level (not a commercial platform).
  • Further support industry organisations through active and regular engagement with the Highways/ITS community.