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    November 2019

    Cas is now closed. Thank you all for your input.


    August 2019

    Chapter 4 isn’t much help – it only tells you about using VAS for signs where the “SLOW DOWN” message is permitted. DfT don’t envisage using VAS for any other warning signs.

    If you did use diag. 545 as a VAS it would have to be additional to a fixed diag. 545 sign (for the benefit of drivers travelling at an appropriate speed) and it would need a VAS representation of the appropriate plate under it (“School”, “Patrol”, “Playground”, etc.). I am not aware of any manufacturer making such a combination as a VAS and, as Andy says, the symbol is not one that lends itself to easy recognition if rendered as a pattern of dots.

    So in summary, legal but strongly discouraged.


    August 2019

    Additionally, unless the 545 was either 1200mm, or preferably 1500mm high, I seriously doubt that such a complicated symbol as the two children would be capable of being even reasonably accurately replicated via the medium of LEDs.


    August 2019


    I’m not sure why you’d want to have a 545 as a vehicle activated sign to be frank, particularly given both the expense and the potential liability if the sign failed to illuminate and a child was subsequently injured or killed. However, if you carefully read Schedule 16, Part 1, you will find the answer.

    Please be mindful that careful reading of the relevant section of TSRGD is the only way to determine the answer to almost all signing questions.

    I’d caution you to be especially careful if you approach a vendor of such signs – you need to ensure they can supply something that fully conforms to TSRGD.


    August 2019

    OK, so looking at things round the other way and taking the SLOW out of the equation, Can I use Diag.545, with one of it’s plates in LED format as a vehicle activated sign? Or would this require authorisation?


    August 2019 edited August 2019

    No, it does not mean all warning signs may include SLOW or SLOW DOWN below.

    S12-P7-I3 only applies to those signs in earlier parts of S12 which specifically call it up.

    So S2-P2 column 6 needs to be checked to determine which signs this applies to.

    Joe Hawke

    Hi Troops…

    Looking for some information on vehicle activated warning signs (The ones with a triangle and a “SLOW DOWN” legend type of thing).

    TAL 1/03 gave a list of specific diagrams that could be used in LED type format with a SLOW or SLOW DOWN legend however, I’m assuming that this was superseded by the TSR&GD 2016.

    There is a clause under Sch.2, Pt.7 in TSRGD 2016 which says “If the sign is displayed on a variable message sign and displays its aspects by means of light-emitting characters or symbols, the legend “SLOW DOWN” may be displayed beneath the sign…”.

    Question is therefore, does this apply to ANY warning sign as covered by Sch.2? E.g., could I use, say, Diag.545 lit by LEDs with the SLOW DOWN message?

    Sch.7 is titled “Provisions applicable to signs”, so I’m assuming that this does mean ALL warning signs.

    Your thoughts please.

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