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    Hi all,

    The local authority I work for are planning to build a new off street car park which is due to have 13 electric vehicle charging bays. The designer has proposed to have each bay signed with an individual upright sign, with 2 panels –

    White panel at top with [P] and EV symbol:
    “Parking for Electric Vehicles only while being charged”

    Yellow panel underneath:
    “[No waiting] At any time”
    “Non-electric vehicles will be liable to a penalty charge notice”

    Now this does not follow the TSRGD prescribed wording or prescribed order of panels.

    However, what I can’t determine is whether a car park with an Off Street Order must have signage compliant with TSRGD? (as the TSRGD signage in Schedule 4 refers to “parking along a road” rather than off street car parks).

    Can anyone advise on this?
    Many thanks!



    August 2020

    Hi Hannah
    Signs in off-street car parks don’t have to conform to TSRGD. The authority is sensible to have signs that are similar to on-street ones that people will recognise, but there’s no problem changing the panel order and adding the extra text.

    But two interesting problems with requiring the vehicle to be actually charging are:
    (1) how soon after it is fully charged does the motorist have to remove the vehicle?
    (2) what evidence do you need from the charging apparatus to show whether charging is in progress or not?
    In practice, it is normally assumed that a vehicle connected by a cable is charging. But you might need a provision for preventing the same vehicle hogging a space for days on end!


    August 2020

    Thanks very much Simon –

    That’s interesting that off street car park signage doesn’t have to conform to TSRGD – are the penalty charge notices that would be issued the same as for on-street bays that do need to comply to TSGRD? Or is there something slightly different about them?

    I haven’t been involved with car park signage before so when I started looking into it, I looked at the off street car park order listed on the TPT TRO register, and as they class it as a TRO, I thought that any signage would need to comply with say Ch3 of TSM, but I couldn’t see anything in writing to connect it!

    It’s perhaps quite unusual to sign individual bays in a car park anyway.

    Regards the “actually charging” problem, in this case electric vehicle drivers will still have to pay per hour for the car park so hopefully the cost of parking will deter drivers from staying there too long, but I can see that there are various potential issues around this!


    August 2020

    Off- and on-street parking are different beasts! The TROs are made under different sections of the RTRA and the contravention codes and the wording of PCNs and ‘notices to owner’ for enforcement vary. For an off-street order you don’t define where the bays are – you just reference the whole car park. In two-tier areas, off-street is usually a district council responsibility, whereas on-street is county (unless formally delegated).


    August 2020

    Thanks Simon for summarising the difference and pointing me in the right direction – much appreciated!

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