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    Simon, do you have any feel for when the new regs may come into effect? March already… not long till April (!)… Might there still be several months till DfT are happy with them? Are the goalposts going to be shifted towards the end of 2016 if ‘complications’ have been uncovered or if it’s proving too difficult for them to be signed off?…

    With the redesign of Schedule 4 in particular and the move to less prescriptive signs for parking it would be useful to know how much longer we have to keep contesting PCNs with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal on issues relating to very minor issues of detail or where drivers feel particular signs are ‘too complicated for them’ (and TPT agree) despite them conforming to regs as far as we are concerned. These should be addressed by the new regs hopefully but in the meantime it is frustrating when we lose cases at TPT….

    I also assume TPT case officers will be up to speed with the new regs and they realise their caseload may drop off….


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    Hi Driz
    The latest expectation is that the 2016 TSRGD will be published in April to come into force in May.
    I’m not sure that it will solve the problem of appeals though. If drivers consider current signs to be too complicated and adjudicators agree, that is not likely to change, as all currently legal signs are intended to still be prescribed in the new regs, plus there is a lot of flexibility to create even more complicated ones. It may help with signs that are clear, but have some minor issue of detail or layout that makes them technically non-prescribed.
    And, no, there are no plans for any special training of adjudicators in the new regs. They are intended to just read it as necessary, when it becomes relevant to an appeal.

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