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    At night with low flows? Providing the relevant Highway Authority is OK with it, why not? Although I’d question why such a long length is needed before saying “Yes” if it was my decision to make. I’ve seen it done (with convoying) over a distance of about half a mile in daylight, it worked reasonably well. Fortunately for those concerned. I’ve seen such a set up overseas over a distance of several kilometres – that was an experience!

    I’d strongly suggest the signals be run manually in such a situation, as the range of the signal’s wireless communication kit is unlikely to be effective over such long distances. This will especially be the case if the terrain makes line of sight obscured. Two-way radios would be advisable, with the radios being tested in the proposed operating locations a few days before work starts, just in case reception isn’t good.

    If each stop location is staffed, then a couple of cones could, perhaps, be dropped into the open lane after the last known vehicle has passed to help drivers resist the urge to jump a red light. Said cones being removed before the platoon coming the other way arrives obviously.

    Graham Smith

    The Pink Book states, “If the longest distance is above 300 metres, ask for advice from the relevant traffic authority before proceeding.”

    This clearly reflects the real-world situation where sites can exceed 300m in length, if allowed by the relevant Highways Authority.

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    Maximum distance between temporary traffic signals

    The red book is very clear that the maximum should be 300 metres, and it states ‘may only be used under these circumstances – i.e. below 300 metres)

    Chapter 8 does have a slightly different section where it states… ‘D5.10.1 The maximum distance between signal heads should not exceed 300m. For greater distances consult the Highway Authority’

    The Traffic advisory leaflet also states 300 metres as a maximum, and states some LHA’s work on a lower maximum site length.

    What is the view on the use of a greater distance at night, during low traffic flows of upto 1000 metres?

    My concern is that due to the very long red times traffic is far more likely to think the lights are not working, and attempt to drive through on red. The potential for a fatal or serious collision even if speeds are restricted is much higher. Any thoughts?

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