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    Joe Hawke

    We’re looking at temporary measures to allow for this whole “social distancing” thing and I’ve been asked about temporarily putting in 20mph limits in certain areas. Can someone refresh my memory in terms of illumination of these?

    The Regs state that Diag 670 needs to be lit if it’s a terminal sign and on a trunk or principal route that it needs to be lit if there’s lighting present, but is that for all situations?

    These signs are likely to be in place for 6 months-1 year (According to my boss) so would the same apply for this temporary situation?

    At roadworks, temp speed limits don’t seem to be lit, although the temp limits I’ve seen are on rural roads and not taking a 30 down to a 20 limit.

    Any information would be appreciated.


    June 2020

    Sorry for the slow response here, due to technical problems on this forum. This is what I wrote to Joe by email:

    The simple answer is that is makes no difference whether the sign is temporary or permanent. A diagram 670 terminal speed limit sign needs to be lit if it is on an A road (a principal or trunk road) in a street-lit area.

    Most road works temporary speed limits are on rural (so unlit) roads, so they don’t need lighting. If it’s a street-lit area though, you need gas bottles, battery powered lighting, or something wired in to a lamp column for just the terminal 670 at the start of the limit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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