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    Reply by Mike Ager

    Thanks Simon – I had a feeling you might say that!! I’ll go back to Hirst Signs and let them know – it’s their call – we are trying to help them by providing the files.


    From Simon Morgan
    January 2021

    Hi Mike
    EPS can be either vector or raster (or both in the same file), but programs such as Word only display the raster part, which can be just a limited quality preview. Whilst SignPlot cannot import EPS, most of our customers making signs can use EPS in a later stage of the process. However, we have found the need to configure the EPS format in some detail, setting bespoke spot colour names and CMYK values for the particular digital printing system in use. So the AutoCAD EPS output might require quite a lot of re-editing before is is suitable for printing.

    We can’t import AutoCAD output directly into SignPlot (except by treating the whole file as a single symbol) because it is generally just a jumble of lines, arcs and other CAD objects with no structure. SignPlot needs to know whether the objects form a letter, arrow, border, etc.

    The ideal solution Mike is to invest in a copy of SignPlot yourself! You will find it speeds design up enormously and allows you to delegate all except the most complex signs to more junior staff.


    Question by Mike Ager

    Sorry Simon Morgan, this is kind of aimed at you!

    We use KeySign, but the contractor that one of our Clients has chosen uses SignPlot (Hirst Signs up in Nottinghamshire – free plug there for them!)

    Is there an easy way to convert / export from CAD to SignPlot – They suggested EPS format – but that looks like a grainy image file, ideally I would like to export to a Vector file of some kind. This would save them having to redesign all the signs in SignPlot.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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