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    I would be interested in views of the group in respect to side road crossings (as promoted by Chris Boardman and being trialled in Manchester- EU style with provision of crossing stripes only on the desire line as you enter a side road)? There are a number of concerns from an auditors point of view but, also will such provision create confusion (unless provided at all junctions, which would not be practicable, due to inconsistent messages) for drivers if the Highway Code proposals for drivers/ riders to give way to pedestrians waiting to cross at junctions of roads they are turning into/ out of?


    So are these Zebras but with only the stripes, no zig-zags, studs, belisha beacons, etc? If so then the markings must be unlawful. We’ll ignore the maintenance liability as well, shall we?



    My experience of these types of crossings when on holiday is predominantly negative.

    It’s a constant “Can I? Can’t I’ cross? Is he going to stop?

    And then after a few days when you get confident with it you’ll inevitably have a near miss and revert back to edging out.

    I’m not sure the UK’s adherence to current zebra crossings is great?


    It would also be interesting to see the impact on air quality?

    Walking might go up (and therefore car usage go down). But the stop start of traffic, with no central control or ‘traffic managing system’ is surely is going to cause issues?

    Furthermore, the roll out and cost to implement and maintain would still be huge, even without the infrastructure costs of belisha beacons.

    Cant help but think that money could be better spent on other ideas, not least creating walking routes with minimal / zero crossing of roads and conflict with vehicles?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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