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    Richard Fitter

    Where the WSP Research Report provides positive recommendations they appear to be useful; however, as with most research papers, the majority of recommendations are for further research so as a whole the report remains quite inconclusive. Importantly, the research relates exclusively to Town Centres and ‘busy street areas’ in line with the Ministerial note from 2018. This alone needs further clarification to define a ‘busy street’ but also as to the treatment of lightly trafficked streets and residential cul-de-sacs.


    I have recently found out that the research being carried out during the ‘pause’ on shared space, a project the DfT co-funded with Transport Scotland into inclusive street design, has now finished and has been published here: –

    The DfT is now considering the recommendations and what their next steps are in relation to guidance.

    In the meantime, the ‘pause’ remains in place, but that does not mean improvements to streets cannot be made. Good street design encompasses a wide range of measures and level surfaces are not a requirement.

    Will be interesting to see if this long awaited guidance is consistent with the draft National Model Design Code.


    Mark Youngman, Hertfordshire County Council

    In the Government’s draft “Guidance Notes for Design Codes” shared spaces are mentioned on Pages 61 & 84. Would you agree that more consistent advice needs to be forthcoming on Shared-space since the announcements in Summer 2018?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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