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    The white ‘speed check’ road marking lines which support enforcement at safety camera sites were not in the previous TSRGD (unless there were amendments which I can’t find). We’ve been told today by our local Safer Roads partnership that at sites where they’ve replaced the cameras with digital cameras that these markings should be on both sides of the road and the marking should be ribbed. There will be an obvious cost implication for installation and maintenance on local authorities if this the case, but before I get back to them and query this, can you advise whether these road markings have any particular status if they are not within the new TSRGD?

    I’m just wondering whether this is an omission if it is a regulatory and fairly standard road marking or whether this is actually just a supplementary marking which the manufacturers would like us to provide – without taking into account the considerations of TSRGD, or cost, or potential for complaints from residents about road noise if they are ribbed – as they don’t have to deal with that aspect of the camera placements.


    August 2016

    Hi Driz
    I think these markings were not regarded as traffic signs (and are still not) – hence their absence from TSRGD. They were purely intended to be used by those operating the camera and not expected to convey “warnings, information, etc” (the definition of a traffic signs) to road users.

    Making them ribbed, though, implies you are trying to attract road users’ attention with them. I don’t know where this idea comes from, and I would have thought it unlawful.

    I think you can continue to place these markings in much the same way as you can use coloured road surfacing – it’s not considered a traffic sign. But I would question the lawfulness and usefulness of making them ribbed.


    August 2016

    Thanks Simon, very helpful.

    I’ll take this up with our local Safer Roads partnership for clarification on where they’ve got this information from that marking ‘must’ be on both sides ….and perhaps next time they put pressure on us to refurbish the markings we’ll point out to them that they are purely a supplemental marker and if they want them they may have to pay for them.


    January 2017

    A bit late to the party, but my understanding (from our safety camera people) is that the markings are required from an enforcement perspective as a secondary means to determine speed – legally you require two methods of speed detection for the fine to be valid. The camera takes two photos, and speed can be determined by the measured distance between markings and the known interval between the two pictures.

    The markings clearly only need to be on the side of the road where speed measurement and enforcement is taking place, and there is no requirement for them to be raised (unless the specific model of camera requires it to see them properly?).

    There is no relation between these markings and TSRGD as Simon states – hence they can be used through yellow boxes etc without affecting their enforceability.

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