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    Part of my role is to look at innovation for improving roadworker safety and one of the things I have recently been tasked with, is investigating improvements reducing/eliminating closed lane incursions on short term closures where cones as opposed to physical barriers are used.

    I have seen IAN/163 which illustrates the entry taper relaxation but I am interested in any similar guidance for layouts downstream of the entry taper, can anybody give me a steer in the right direction please?


    June 2016

    Hi GS
    AndyS asked me to post this on his behalf:

    As far as any recommendations beyond IAN 163, the only thing I’m aware of is the likes of Intellicone which, oversimplifying things, flashes and screams at workers if an errant vehicle knock over a cone that has a lamp with an Intellicone sensor fitted into it. The system does more than that though, so I’d recommend getting in touch with the vendor for further details – they’re very friendly and helpful people. I’m vaguely aware of a similar intrusion detection device from another manufacturer but what it’s called I can’t recall.

    Intellicone can be very effective at stopping vehicles entering full road closures, the flashing lights and siren are very obvious. Please note that it’s not something that will stop the seriously determined driver, who thinks that “ROAD CLOSED” doesn’t apply to them, but it does reduce the number of incidents. It needs careful managing though, to ensure you get good, efficient utilisation of the kit – workforce training in the use of this equipment is highly advisable.


    June 2016

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for responding, as a company we have worked very closely with HRS/Intellicone and it is a great product.

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