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    In Bradford we have a number of PCT1. Some of these have a Siemens OTU to comminicate with the UTC system. Others have the Dynniq integral OTU built in to the CPU. Others we don’t have any communications at all. The first problem we were having was a licence error which was rectified by up grading the R8 firmware. The newer installs with the UG405 integral OTU are experciencing this “slow CPU” fault. These appear to be on installs with the R11 firmware installed within the cpu. The ones with the R8 upgrade are working fine within our wireless network. Dynniq seem to think it’s being caused by “network storming” so this is being looked into by our IT guys. Ian (


    Thanks we have had the same issue with no lamps off fault being recorded in the controller log

    Chris Pearson

    At least you’re getting fault flags;

    I have a fair number of PTC1’s in my inventory now and every so often we’ll have a spate of all outs and there is very little in the controller log – sometimes nothing at all, to explain why the signals are off.

    However, it is usually due to either a mains spike or momentary brown out; 950’s appear similarly susceptible, but they tend to log it as a correspondence error on reds (IIRC) usually.

    Had a spate of all outs a few months back over the course of about a week that affected not only us but one of our neighbours as well (same contractor) all with similar presentation in the controller logs.


    Hi dknnaird,

    I work in the field (i normally browse on here) and i experience this multiple times per week as my area uses a mix of Blue and Red Corner sites.

    This fault appears after the mains has been removed and then replaced. For some reason the two processors refuse to synchronize and communicate with each other resulting in this.

    I found it interesting that a software update was offered as up to now my customer is yet to receive any advice as to a fix.

    What i did notice from the faults you posted following the updated R11 software is that it just seems to give more detail/more fault flags to the same ‘ballpark’ flag.

    I know this doesn’t really offer much help but it would be interesting if anyone else has been given a genuine fix to this.

    Take care.


    We are experiencing a number of “Lamps Off faults” with PTC-1 Traffic Signal Controllers.

    The history of this fault has been initially with R8 software where we experienced a 014:CPU-B COM CPU-A fault.
    After investigation by Dynniq it was recommended that an upgrade to R11 software was carried out.
    Since this upgrade a number of PTC-1 Traffic Signal Controllers have failed Lamps Off with the following alarms:-

    247 Program 1
    006 CPU-B LCM DIAG
    007 CPU-B LOT SLOW
    013 CPU-B LOC – LOC
    014 CPU-B COM CPU-A

    The fault is not a continuous one which can take a number of weeks or months to appear and also seems quite random in nature.

    The majority of these sites are either on our own fibre or copper comms network as opposed to a 3rd party comms supplier.

    Is anyone else aware of any local issues with PTC-1 Lamps Off faults generating the alarms listed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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