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    October 2020

    Hi Driz
    Most ped zones have an “except for access” exemption, if only during the middle of the day between peak periods. If there’s a rear service road there’s no problem as people can still get to their properties that way. Otherwise, you might well get justifiable objections for cutting off people’s vehicular access to their properties for the entire day. And possibly if would force loading to occur at antisocial times, causing a noise nuisance.

    However, there is a get out if you need one. Subsection 2 of s3 says that you can still prohibit vehicles for more than 8 hours if you deem it necessary “for avoiding [or preventing the likelihood of] danger to persons or other traffic using the road to which the order relates or any other road”. So provided you can say that it would be a danger to pedestrians to have even the limited access traffic in the road during the middle of the day, you can use this subclause to over-ride the first one you quote.


    I’ve been mid-argument with a colleague about permitted timings for a Ped Zone and just need the argument settled if possible. Sect 3 of RTRA 1984 states that ‘a TRO shall not be made with respect to any road which would have the effect of preventing for more than 8 hours in any period of 24 hours access for vehicles of any class.’ By that legislation it therefore prevents part time Ped Zones being introduced covering both peak periods (8am-6pm for instance). There is however no mention of the 8hr limit either in TSRGD or in Sect 6 to Ch3 TSM. All it states is that ‘the time period in the upper panel may be omitted or varied’.

    The online version of RTRA84 shows that s3 is still in effect. If the 8 hour limit is still legislated why isn’t it mentioned in TSM to act as a reminder… or have I got the interpretation of RTRA wrong?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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