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    Hello All,

    I am looking to create a parking bay which will only allow motorbikes and motor cars to park for a limited period (possibly 8 hours limit). With regards to the sign, I can clearly see in TSM chapter 3 and generally within TSRGD that these limited waiting signs can have the car and motorbike symbols added…. my question is…. can you place two symbols on the same sign e.g. The motorbike hovering over the car in a similar fashion to the 619 motor vehicles prohibited sign?


    November 2018

    Yes you can.
    The previous (2002) TSRGD only allowed a single vehicle type symbol on a parking plate. Clause 15(a) of Schedule 4 Part 2 of the 2016 TSRGD apparently has the same restriction (it only permits one of the symbols from Part 5). But Clause 18(1) allows you to combine any two types of parking on the same plate (without the need to duplicate the “P” symbol).

    This interpretation is reinforced by the fact that when “type of user” is expressed in words, rather than with a symbol, more than one such type is permitted.

    So my reading is that what you propose is permissible.


    November 2018

    That’s great – thank you for the information Simon – that will come in useful for the limited stay shared use bay… its not something we’ve done before but its to enable parking for local workers whilst tackling a commuter and lorry parking issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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