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    Another vote here for removing the need for two lanes limitation of MOVA

    David Parkin

    Are there any proposals to reduce the minimum number of lanes in MOVA from 2 to 1? I have had a number of sites where the main junction is controlled as stream 1 and a left turn slip with pedestrian crossing is stream 2. In stream 2 pedestrian crossing there is usually only one lane approaching the crossing but 2 lanes have to be specified in MOVA.


    I just wanted to understand the groups solutions to MOVA Control at Pedestrian Crossings? We are currently designing a couple of pedestrian crossings which will incorporate MOVA contol and will look to utilise Junction controllers to provide this operation. Wondered if others had used pedestrian controllers and if so were there any limitations or difficulties come across. I ask the question because certain manufacturers state MOVA control can be added with a OMU??

    Happy New Year to you all within the group and may 2014 be a bright and prosperous one for all Traffic Systems Engineers……..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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