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    Mandatory cycle lanes used to require a TRO to install them, however Schedule 9 Part 7 item 12 sets out a number of rules for mandatory lanes. It does however seem to suggest that it is all about moving traffic (similar to bus lanes) rather than parking offences. Would the prevailing opinion be that to allow enforcement (by CEO issued PCN) for parking /being in a cycle lane that we would need to still have a TRO? I am conscious of school zig zag gate that promised PCN enforcement but left it only with the police without a TRO?

    My view has been that for the council to enforce we would either have to put a TRO and mandatory lane in place or an advisory lane with yellow lines inside (if we want to keep the lane clear in either instances).



    May 2019

    The new TSM Chapter 3 says to sign waiting and loading restrictions as normal (with plates and lines) in both bus and mandatory cycle lanes, which I’m pretty sure means making a normal waiting & loading TRO. (Or it could be combined with an order making the cycle lane as well, in order to achieve different exemptions from the somewhat strange set in TSRGD.)

    I agree with you that you wouldn’t get very far trying to enforce under CPE if there wasn’t a waiting/loading order and certainly not if there were no yellow lines, given what TSM3 says.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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