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    Chapter 3 currently mentions that the initial sign for a parking restriction should be erected within 15 metres of the start and end of the prohibition. Is the revised TSM likely to retain this advice and just how much leeway is there in the interpretation of the word ‘should’? We have a restriction fronting a new development and there’s not a single item of street furniture that can be used. The business frontage is plate glass for the full length and the owners are strongly opposed to having signs and posts outside spoiling the aesthetics! We’re trying to accommodate if we can, but would a sign 25 metres from the beginning of a restriction be enough for TPT to consider it non-compliant? (It’s a straight length of road, so it’s not like the sign would be hidden around the corner)

    There are other sites around our district where we have in the past just had to annoy residents or businesses as we were trying to adhere strictly to the 15m rule, when a more suitable piece of street furniture was available about 10 metres further along the road. I’m just wondering if we’ve been applying the advice too strictly and (provided the restriction is visible and obvious) the new TSRGD allows more flex in terms of positioning (and a consequent reduction in signs and costs with erecting new and potentially unnecessary post)


    December 2016

    I understand that the revised Chapter 3 will have much the same recommendations on sign placement and spacing, but that it will be much clearer that these are just guidelines and not absolute maximums. The word “should” is therefore likely to be removed with respect to the “15 m” advice you mention.

    In the meantime, all you really need to do is document your reasons for departing from Chapter 3 and have that available to send in your evidence to TPT if necessary. Provided you show you have read Chapter 3, but have departed from it for a good reason (and that the road user is not unduly disadvantaged by your doing so), then you should be OK. Even for ‘statutory guidance’ (which Traffic Signs Manual is not) it is usually sufficient simply to ‘have regard to it’, rather than to follow it precisely.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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