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    Joe Hawke

    Had a query from one of my bosses regarding the placing of reduced size give way markings on a shared use footway/cycleway.

    Are these markings required or necessary where a private residential access crosses what was a normal footway, but one which the Council has now designated (With the appropriate order) as shared use?

    It appears that a resident is concerned that he/she may wipe out a cyclist when they exit from their drive. Previously, they would have been able to use the footway area almost as visibility splay to see road traffic.

    My thought is that the onus would be on the owner of said driveway to ensure that their access is safe however your thoughts would be appreciated.


    October 2017

    I agree with you. When it was just a footway, presumably drivers using the private access were expected to give way to pedestrians, just as they should when using a footway crossover. I don’t see why the rules should change because you are adding cyclists to the mix.

    And a practical point is that cyclists are not known for being particularly keen to observe regulatory measures. Would placing markings actually have any road safety benefit, or is it just to relieve the private access user of the need to be vigilant and absolve him of responsibility for any collision?

    There is actually no obligation on authorities to provide give way markings even at junctions between public roads, so there is clearly no reason that you have to do so here.

    Any other thoughts from anyone?


    October 2017

    Speaking frankly it sounds as if a resident wants a get-out clause if they do hit someone.

    If you place such markings on your route you can guarantee it will invite mockery from local cycling advocacy groups and with good reason; we don’t expect cars to give way every time there is a private access after all.

    Shared cycle/footways more often than not a poor man’s solution anyway; I would be intrigued to know if it actually increases usage or if cyclists just stay on the carriageway.


    October 2017

    What is the visibility like for traffic exiting the drive? Is there, for example, a high hedge or wall or sharp alignment that obscures visibility? Perhaps not such a problem when only pedestrians are present, as they are likely to be able to hear an exiting car that might not be visible and they’d tend to be moving quite slowly – but would the same apply to a cyclist zipping along at 15-20 mph in the same location?

    Is this what the resident is concerned about? If so, should they improve the visibility from their property to the public highway?


    November 2017

    I once recall suggesting at a former job that we should tell a member of the public to take down their ornate gatepost that was obstructing their view exiting their drive… apparently it wasn’t considered a correct response, but plastering paint and all manner of pointless street clutter was.

    The onus is surely on the private landowner to ensure they have a safe means of entry and exit, not the highway authority?

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