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    Ryan Boyd

    A mathematician/stand-up comic called Matt Parker has set up a petition and YouTube video asking for this symbol to be changed because its not mathematically correct! Is this the most pressing issue for UK traffic signing? Proably not, but his (rather slick) video is trending at about #9 on YouTube and the petition has reached the 10,000 threshold for the government to have to respond.

    Well, at least is has got traffic signing into the public eye for people to think about. See Buchanan Computing’s response with possible new symbol here.


    October 2017

    It’s not the most pressing sign issue, no, but it is a relatively simple fix for a future TSRGD with the proviso that it only applies to new traffic signs so there isn’t a needless rush to replace.

    There are several symbols that are physically impossible, slippery road springs to mind, but the exaggeration on some emphasises the hazard. I agree with Matt Parker that T138 just looks sloppy, although in truth before it was pointed out I hadn’t noticed.

    I did my own take on this but you beat me to it.


    October 2017

    If Mr. Parker offers to pay for, say, amending all the Bristol City signs to include a different symbol or perhaps cover DfT’s costs in authorising a different symbol, seeing as how he’s using this as part of his act and thus generate income for himself, it might be acceptable.

    Otherwise, perhaps not.


    October 2017

    As expected, DfT has responded that they do not propose to change the symbol. You can read their reasoning here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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