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    Hello, new to the Forum and hoping there may be someone that can assist me.

    My company, Orion Projects Ltd, has been supporting two Ferranti Series 2 Traffic Controllers for the last 30 years and in that time overall reliability has been extremely good. We recently had an incident with one unit due to water ingress into the cabinet, resulting in a complete failure of the controller which we believe is related to the TLC220X main board not booting properly. We have sourced replacement Micro devices and are hopeful these may fix the problem but with only block diagram information available to carry out fault finding we have our concerns.

    We used to use Traffic Systems Co operative in Sheffield as a repair centre but this service became unavailable in 2016 and in the intervening period our complement of working spares has depleted .

    Just wondering if there is anyone out there with any knowledge of this product or availability of spares.


    Roger Burridge.

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