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    Simon Morgan

    I agree, Andy. It’s perfectly legal to put up such a sign and marking (with the appropriate TRO to back it up). I think a number of authorities have done so, with no major enforcement problems, as far as I’m aware.


    I’m no expert on parking restrictions, (but I know a man who is and he will doubtless reply shortly), although it may be that the permitted variations of TSRGD 2016 S4-3-2 might give you what you want.

    For example the circular symbol from S4-3-2 accompanied by the following text across however many lines:

    No stopping except for buses 6am Рmidnight and taxis midnight Р6am

    Quite how, or if, this would be enforced, especially around 6am, is another matter altogether.


    Is it possible to have a dual purpose for a bus clearway and a taxi rank when bus timetables finishes? i.e. in principle buses operate 0600-2359 and taxis can park up in the clearway from 0000-0600?

    There will be nuances around enforcement and possible fall out, however this solution is driven to resolve objections in a scheme and there are not other solutions. An agreement like an MoU would need to be signed between two companies.

    Any thoughts on pros & cons?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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