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    Simon (apologies for the continual questions btw)

    Sched 7 Part 4 item 8 allows for the use of a combination bay, with white bay markings and yellow line to the back edge of kerbline. The diagram under column 3 however shows that this yellow line may only be 200mm width and therefore only a ‘No Stopping except ‘ restriction.

    I assume that a combination bay is also permitted with a single yellow line to 50mm, 75mm or 100mm? (that diagram suggests that it’s not) We have a few roads where we want daytime parking to be removed but allow permit parking in the evenings for instance.

    DfT Circular 01/2016 (page 36) shows a worked example for the required signs for a peak period ‘No waiting’ restriction and an off-peak P&D restriction. Presumably the combination of individual white bay marking, with single yellow to 75mm (or other variant 50 or 100mm) would be the associated road marking with that sign combination? Therefore that combination is catered for? It’s not clear from the TSRGD as far as I can tell

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    January 2017

    Hi Driz

    In general you can always use different markings together on the same stretch of road unless TSRGD says otherwise.

    The wide yellow kerbside ‘no stopping’ line is not prescribed on its own, so has to be illustrated in TSRGD for each of the two circumstances where it may be used – the one you mention and the bus stop clearway. But a normal yellow ‘no waiting’ line through a cage marking is fine, and you have the reassurance of having it shown in TSM Chapter 3 (and seeing the plate for it in Circular 01/16, as you say).

    This is no different from the 2002 TSRGD which also did not specifically show a single yellow line within a parking bay.

    Keep the questions coming – the more use people make of this forum, the better!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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