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    March 2020

    After a couple more attempts, the PDF of Part 3 on DfT’s website is now good, with all its graphics correct. So if you downloaded it before, do so again.


    March 2020

    Nice to see a hard copy at last. Although it’s odd that the Police speed check area sign in the PDF version is missing a few characters whereas the hard copy version is fine.

    Ryan Boyd

    A revised version of this went on the DfT website yesterday afternoon (2 March).
    The Highways England summary of what has changed is:

    1. Revised advice on how to best use the extra flexibilities introduced in TSRGD 2016, based on feedback from industry.
    2. Updated plans and design advice on how to integrate new sign designs into road works.
    3. Updated sections on requirements and advice relating to diversions, speed limits, length and spacing of road works and clutter to maintain the balance between road user requirements and flexibility for contractors.
    4. Updated guidance on improving the skills and competence of designers.
    5. The format of the document has been updated to meet that used in the rest of the Traffic Signs Manual, including recreation of the artwork for extra clarity.

    But of course, I would particularly draw your attention to the vastly improved graphics – done by Buchanan Computing under contract to Highways England, using SignPlot for the sign face images.

    Also noteworthy is the prominence given to IHE accreditations:

    practitioners and employers are encouraged to consider relevant professional certificates, diplomas, or third party accreditation e.g. IHE professional certificates/diplomas. These provide a benchmarked and transferrable assessment of competence. Care should be taken not to require any qualification etc which is solely based on training courses; to be suitable any qualification must enable existing competencies to be assessed. The identification of relevant qualifications would need to take into account the nature of any design work. Using the identified example, the IHE professional certificate/diploma for Traffic Sign Design would likely be suitable for those designing roads or temporary layouts, those designing advance notice signs or event signing. For those involved with the detailed design of the temporary traffic management then the IHE professional certificate/diploma for Temporary Traffic Management may be more relevant.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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