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    Thanks for the advice. Having google “RAS” and downloaded the Honeywell user guide I can see they are practically the same.

    I would take you up on your offer if I could, but I’m not high enough up the food chain (yet…)

    Chris Pearson

    The RAS software is I believe a re-badge of the Honeywell system. It might be worth talking to Siemens Building Services (or whatever their name is nowadays) – when I was having difficulties with my (now retired) telscan system and getting nowhere with Poole I contacted them directly and they were very helpful indeed.

    Interestingly they seem to still be offering the AX4 Lite

    The cameras are just Pelco dome cameras and work with most NVR’s. I found the Hikvision NVR fairly reasonable and the mobile app very easy to use as well.

    I have some of the original telscan drives and an AX4 Lite, plus three redundant cameras as well kicking around. If you want/need spares? Theyre about to go in the skip.


    We had five Siemens Telscan cctv and Ax-4 Lite units (recently withdrawn from sale and support!) installed last summer when we converted all of our UTC sites to digital comms, and view the cctv through the supplied Siemens RAS software. I’ve been asked to look at alternative, less expensive cctv equipment for some new sites but don’t really want to go down the route of different cameras if they need different software to view them. We don’t have a huge system with banks of monitors – we have two for our scoot/utc and one for our cctv. Is there any other cctv equipment out there that can be viewed through the Siemens software?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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