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HE/NH have/had form TR514 and another one, the identifier of which I can’t bring to mind. Both are/were very similar in layout but are/were used in different areas, with little apparent consistency.

You’d like to think that DfT could produce something for England that everyone could use, given that HMG produce the underlying legislation that requires TTROs.

On the other hand, could legislation be altered to do away with the need for TTROs, as no highway authority would allow unreasonable restrictions to be put on it’s network. This change would allow restrictions to be implemented far more quickly and cheaply than at present. The only thing needed might be that organisations wishing to implement a restriction need to inform the HA about it, such that it can be altered and/or “policed” as needed.

In all my years in the game, I never had a TTRO questioned or rejected, so I do wonder if the system needs to be liberalised to some extent.

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