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On this page there is a link to a file defining all the BVPIs including 165 in (Best Value Performance Indicators 2005/06: Guidance Document (Amended 01/04/05))

On Audible and tactile signals:

Crossings installed before the revised indicator came into operation on 1 April 2002 must be fitted with either audible or tactile indicators. Crossings installed or substantially refurbished after that date should be counted only if they have both tactile and audible indicators, except where it would be unsafe to install audible indicators (either standard or ‘bleep and sweep’) or where local objections have led to their removal.

• Audible & Tactile Signals at Pelican Crossings, TAL 4/91, DTLR 1991.

• Audible & Tactile Signals at Signal Controlled Junctions, TAL 5/91, DTLR 1991.