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April 2017

Drafts of all the above chapters have been circulated to a limited group of organisations (which includes the IHE Signs Panel) for peer review. IHE and others have submitted a large number of comments, so I think it will take DfT some time to process these and produce the final versions of these chapters. I would guess that September 2017 is the earliest we are likely to see them.
In the drafts we have seen, not all that much has changed. Whilst they explain the new flexibilities and signs have been inserted or updated as necessary, there is only limitied guidance as to how to use the new freedoms. The draft documents seem to be more an explanation of what is legal, rather than helping authorities to make the decisions that now become their responsibility.
Chapter 3 has had more work done, but keeps the previous recommendations for the frequency of all types of repeater sign. It now covers most regulatory road markings, moved from Chapter 5.
Chapters 1, 6 and 7 have also been produced in draft for peer review.