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March 2019 edited March 2019

An interesting point has come up regarding the definition of the words “authorised vehicles” on a bus lane or bus gate sign. Authorities have been using these words for a number of different exemptions, but TSM3 associates them very closely with private hire vehicles to the extent that it might now be unfair to mini-cab drivers if they’re not exempted. Section 9.1.1 says:
Where certain vehicles, such as private hire vehicles (minicabs), are permitted to use a facility, this is indicated by the legend “authorised vehicles”. Where other vehicles such as heavy goods vehicles are to be admitted, the signs will require authorisation and guidance should be sought from the national authority.
The second sentence seems to me to be crucial: signs exempting “other vehicles” will need special authorisation, i.e. the standard authorised vehicles variant cannot be used for them. Does that mean ‘other than PHVs’?