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The resident lives in a rural village and shares a long private driveway with his neighbour that opens out onto a 30mph road. The visibility is admittedly very poor, but my advice to date has always been that the solution is in their hands. Cut back, lower the height, reposition, or even remove the hedge completely and replace it with a fence that provides visibility through the gaps. The answer was ‘shock and horror’ that we could even suggest such a thing. Our position was on firmer ground pre-2016, but now that mirrors are in TSRGD (even if advice on when/where they should be used is ‘limited’) the argument’s slightly more tenuous. A published Chapter 2 may have helped. We have legacy item mirrors on a few of our rural junctions that have been there for decades, but new applications have always been refused. The LCC policy document makes reference to 3/81 and in the absence of DfT guidance and with no formal policy on roadside mirrors where I am I now feel a ‘Copy/Paste’ moment approaching and new policy for our Council being submitted, which will look remarkably similar to the LCC one. Thanks Simon ………(and Andy)