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Ryan Boyd

The amendment regs were laid before Parliament yesterday and come into force on 13 December. SI here.

The most important change is to reinstate ‘no entry’ as a sign which is enforceable in its own right (not just the underlying traffic order) and one which magistrates would award penalty points (and potentially disqualification) for disobeying.

The new definition of a “refuge for pedestrians and cyclists” is a surprise. This is added in order to be clear about when you can use hatching within the controlled area of a crossing (which now includes ‘chevron-filled’ hatching for one-way streets).

Comparing this new SI with the draft of November 2016, it corrects about 8 further errors, mainly ones pointed out by the Institute of Highways Engineers.

In Buchanan Computing’s SignPlot Sign Illumination Tool, we had faithfully reproduced the error in TSRGD 2016 that required the diagram 7011 & 7021 series signs for temporary traffic signals to be lit in a 30mph or higher street-lit area. This has now been corrected, so we will shortly issue a new version of the tool (also called ‘SignLit’) to implement this change.