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Jason Hole

Thanks, save’s me submitting a form, only had a quick look it’s really looking a lot better than a few months ago.

Entire TSRGD:
Page Numbers are useful but a footer at the bottom of each page identifying what Schedule Number and Part Number I’m currently in would be very helpful when trying to cross reference given the large number of Schedules and Parts, especially when scrolling the document on a screen.

Entire TSRGD:
The wording in permitted varients and directions etc. still seems unnecessarily complicated, For example, wording like;
“the sign shown in the diagram in column (3) in respect of Item ‘X’ in column (1) of Part ‘Y’ in Schedule ‘Z’.”
Wouldn’t it be a clearer, simpler and still mean the samething to say;
“the sign shown for Item ‘x’ of Part ‘Y’ in Schedule ‘Z’.
We might even be able to save a few lines of text and maybe a few pages.

Schedule 11, Part 11, Item 13 Page 262 (Diversion Symbols) & Schedule 11, Part 28, Item 15 Page 315 (Diversion signs)
These two Items are linked by the fact that the symbols in Item 13 when used on Item 15 should be 7.7 stroke widths height instead of the usual 7.5s/w.
This is only mentioned in the permitted varient text of Item 13 and is not shown or mentioned for Item 15.
Although it’s covered by the working drawing it seemed to me it could be missed and Item 15 could be amended to show or note the dimension of 7.7s/w required.