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Jason Hole

Hi Simon
As you seem to know the mind of DfT are you able to explain what the thinking is with Schedule 13 regarding Section 25 Crossings (Puffin & Zebras) & why other crossings are covered seperately.

Schedule 13 Part 5 Page 448 Movement of traffic at Section 25 crossings lists all the various rules about no stopping and no overtaking and giving way but this repeats most of the same information that’s shown in Part 1 Paragraphs 16-18 Page 388-389 which refers to controlled areas used at all others (it would appear to me).
Why the seperate sections and duplicate wording.
Section 25 obviously refers to RTRA1984 but why only Puffins and Zebras, shouldn’t we amend RTRA1984 S25 via this so it covers all zig-zag crossings.