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Ryan Boyd

A new draft for the technical review has just appeared on the DfT website:

It is available for all to see and respond to, so DfT might get more ‘checking’ than they bargained for! The closing date for this is 30 April.

It comes in at a nice round 500 pages (29 Mb), which is only about 10 more pages than the current TSRGD and pedestrian crossing regulations combined, and fewer than the current regs if you count all the amendments to TSRGD 2002.

There are many changes since the last draft TSRGD, particularly to parking plates, for which complete signs are now illustrated, with all sorts of strange T-shapes, L-shapes and other arrangements that will doubtless end up on a grey backing board for ease of manufacture. However these illustrations (on p 58) will need changing as they show loading restrictions operating for longer that the waiting ones.