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Mark Stevens

Hi Neil,
It’s all personal preference really and what your maintenance contractor has in stock and costs.

Our asset is mix of black or grey steel posts with a few specials and a mix of shapes over time as design tastes change or for site specific reasons.

For all new sites & refurbishments – Black 4m steel posts as standard, often using the Low Level Access pole that fits 115mm socket frequently to reduce working at height risks.
Swan Neck Poles used if necessary to get clearances.

For tall poles or where difficult/unsafe to place ladders e.g. Narrow Footways / Narrow Verges / Traffic Islands – Wide Base 168mm socket or the Low Level Access pole to fit 115mm socket.

If Passive Safety required after Risk Assessment then I prefer Sapa 115-145 aluminium with access door but we also have some Jerol composite poles. None of these passive poles have been hit (unlike everything else non-passive that is hit regularly).