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Chris Pearson

Hi Neil,

Personally I’ve been using wide based galvanised powder coated steel posts for the past 12 years with no issues. Certainly even the oldest of those I’ve installed have no noticeable decay or aging.

Have dabbled with Ali poles on a couple of high speed sites but to be honest, in terms of post-collision results, vehicle damage et al, the steel posts have for the most part not presented any less favourable results than the “passive” products.

I suppose in certain circumstances Ali posts may pose a lesser risk of injury, but experience here is that it’s fairly rare for a signal post to be hit in such a way that’s likely to injure vehicle occupants therefore on balance is the additional cost really worth it? I remain to be convinced… for my own sites at least.

The WB post is my standard pole so always have them in stock and thus RTC replacements are quick. Decent steel post spec (full galv plus powder coat) is as good as Ali for longevity I’d say.

Biggest issue I’ve come across so far is actually D Brackets heavily corroding earlier than expected.