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The £450 is a limit of any charge made. If a request is likely to exceed the £450 limit it should be broken down into more manageable parts each of which will be subject to the £450 limit.

For Derby the rules are:
The Council will estimate how long it will take to process an information request.
We calculate the time/hours both officers and external contractors are expected to spend processing the request. The cost will be calculated at £25 per hour per person, regardless of the actual cost or rate of pay. The calculation of the appropriate limit of £450 is equivalent to about 2.5 days of one person’s time charged at the £25 per hour rate. We will take into account the time taken to …
 Determine if the we hold the information.
 Find the information or documents containing the information.
 Retrieve the information or documents.
 Extract the information from the document.