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Chris Pearson

I dont get this obsession with having a full aspect.

I personally feel that its about time the UK grew up a little bit in terms of its applicable standards.

The rest of the world seems to cope fine with arrow aspects on all signals including reds, the sky doesnt fall in over Eire for their use of flashing amber arrows on give way arms (pretty logical signalling actually) and most of Europe seems to cope pretty well without lighting every piffling little sign.

It strikes me as though our standards are still set in the days of the UK and its regular pea-souper fogs or some other strange logic.

TSRGD 2016 was purported to be / could have been a major overhaul and relaxation of the regs, removing a lot of the silly restrictions and allow a case-by-case application of new thinking.

Instead it became a behemoth of document, difficult to read, full of errors and delivered pretty much zero in terms of proper relaxations and flexibility worth anything to an Engineer.