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Hi Jo
Thanks for uploading the config. I’ve spotted a couple things which may give you problems.
1. Stages 5 and 6 don’t have any G bits defined, these seem to be related to the firestation hurry call. If the controller goes to these satges, there won’t be any G bits being replied, giving long intergreen errors. Would recommend defining F and G bits for these stages, even though you might not want to force them from UTC, but they will then reply correctly when called.
2. The offset ped is of the puffin type with variable following intergreen. Becuase it is defined as part of a single stream with the main junction, the junction can change stage, run a traffic minimum whilst the puffin clearance is still timing off and the junction is interstage. Thus the UTC server misses the G bit reply for the following stage giving a long intergreen error. I would recommend moving the ped crossing to a separate stream, put a “hold” into sepcial conditioning to make sure it only comes up during stage 2 at the main junction as it does at the moment. For Scoot / UTC you only need to control the main junction and the ped crossing will follow correctly using the hold link.

Hope this helps.

Robert M