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Chris Pearson

Only 25 years old Neil? If only! Ive got equipment on street that is older than I am… on stripey poles too, since the grey paint peeled off.

In March I had to cut down four pelican crossings due to corrosion in the poles – a couple of poles had corroded approximately half way through, like an axe taken to a tree.

Presently I am having to beg, borrow and steal and re-use just about everything I have squirreled away over the last couple of years to bring them back in to service. Given that my revenue budget was 110% overspent last year, I dread to think what this will do this year.

I’ve also got four more sites which are of concern and are on quarterly inspections, but again there is no money next year to replace either. But then again, this is also a symptom of installing new sites, new BT leased lines, ADSL and CCTV with gay abandon, without increasing the revenue budget to suit.

Any hints and tips for getting money out of Finance, please leave in the suggestion box. :-)