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Well it has to be said that your elected members are being extremely short sighted and I hope it’s nothing more than a temporary blip. They’ll change their minds if a junction goes off and the controller is irrepairable due to lack of spares.

With a lack of revenue budget you need to start being creative when describing the scheme so as to justify the use of capital money through LTP type funding. So a pelican refurbishement becomes an upgrade to PUFFIN crossing with improvements for both pedestrians (link to LTP priorities) and for traffic (link to TMA). Also consider whether they could be upgraded to toucan crossings – again it’s not a refurbishment it’s an upgrade to benefit cyclists (another tick in the box). Junctions are harder but you’ve got upgrades to MOVA (TMA again), installation of bus priority (LTP), pedestrian improvements (LTP again) and so it goes on. You need to look at each individual installation to see what’s realistic. Finally look at your Authority’s stated aims and objectives as these will also give more opportunities to upgrade signals to meet targets.