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1. The 3 aspect code is per aspect so the value is the number of heads x 3. Interestingly this was queried in my latest submission as we have some junctions where a side road runs on it’s own and the signal head has a red, amber, green, green arrow (righthand) to show motorists that they are unopposed. Consequently my 3 aspect code didn’t divide by 3. I’m told such aspects should be seperately listed even though they have the same code.

2. The 3 digit code for dimming is entered on every line it applies to (usually signal heads, ped heads, wait lamps). All the lines where the equipment has a continuous draw has the code 1 on each line. Like this (hopefully)
Unit ID Charge Code No Of Items Switch Regime No of Controls
1 7902050000100 18 812 1
2 7904050000100 4 812 0
3 7924040000100 4 812 0
4 7906010000100 1 1 0
5 7907008000100 2 1 0