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fiona thomson

Bringing this back for discussion. I have recently taken over full maintenance responsibilities (JOY, not) and have found myself scratching my head in regards to these codes. Luckily enough we have spent the past few years upgrading loads of the very old signals so most of our equipment is listed (YAY).

I have a couple of questions that sound really stupid (well they do in my head) which I would like some input on:

1) if you are using the code for a 3-aspect signal head does this cover all 3 aspects or should you multiply the number of signal heads you have by 3?

2) The 3 digit code for the switching bit (bright/dim) do you put this in once per ‘item’ or do you have two entries one for bright and one for dim, giving you bright-dawn to dusk and dim-dusk to dawn?

Told you they sounded stupid but before I go off on one I need to ensure that I have my facts right.