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to provide a platform that brings our community together to share and support one another. It is based on a ‘by the community, for the community’ approach and is here to serve all those delivering services and schemes across highways and transport networks.

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talk-mobility is a not-for-profit platform focused on knowledge sharing. We encourage you to get involved, remaining respectful of the opinions of others and the Rules of Engagement. Please join conversations and start discussions on the relevant forums and take a look at the new products and services showcased in the Marketplace. If you’re looking for an extra pair of hands, check out the Find a Specialist section and if you have views to share in a blog let us know. Most of all, please be a part of the success of this platform so we can grow it and bring our communities closer.

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Do we still need road signs? Yes we do!

The arrival of connected cars and driverless technology has brought into question whether traditional road signs will be needed as much or in the same way ever again, especially with more and more information coming via in-car systems. But are signs really a thing of the past?
Adrian Tatum
9th March 2021